Gesamtkunstjerk (live at Meow)

by The Scrussian Quintet

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Recorded on Laszlo's phone live at Meow, 3/1/2017


released January 6, 2017

Jack Mells - Drums
Laszlo Reynolds - Keyboard
Tony Santana - MC
Lachlan Smith - Record scratches
Adison Whitley - Guitar
Reuben Winter - Guitar




The Scrussian Wellington, New Zealand

Jack Mells

abject failure

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Track Name: Gesamtkunstjerk
Listen as the liches rhythmically open and close their sarcophagi in an attempt to create an applause that their long-gone flesh no longer can. Gesamtkunstjerk.


You have the same dream two nights in a row and the second time it's shorter than the first, and then even shorter. And so it continues to exponentially shorten to the point that it enters fractions of a nanosecond, which you then lay down perpendicularly on top of a millennium; a division crossing paths with another division creating a subdivision. Gesamtkunstjerk.